Home Work

Most of the classes will routinely hand out homework. Students are advised to complete homework in a timely manner. Best practice would be to finish all homework on the evening of Sunday, after returning from School since the student’s memory would still be fresh. Most homework can be finished within 10-20 minutes.

Parents to Follow Up with Home Work

Parents are strongly encouraged to follow up with their child about homework.

Bring Text Books /Folder/Pen/Paper

Students are required to bring their prescribed text books/folder for each class. Before coming to the class parents are required to guide and make sure their child has taken required text books with them. Most classes will also require the students bring with them notebooks to write down class notes. Pens, erasers, etc. will not be provided by the school. It is responsibility of each student to make sure he or she brings these items regularly.

The school will not take responsibility for safekeeping any books, student supplies etc. left behind
by a student.


Our team need time to call each other to keep Sunday school open, close or delay due to bad weather. And for the safety of students, parents, and Sunday school staff.Notification will be by 8:00 am on the same day.We will post it on Facebook page,websiteand WhatsApp Group