Student’s Responsibility

These rules will help students of all ages to learn and realize their personal potential:
  1. Accept personal responsibility to build a healthy, lifelong learning community.
  2. Regular and punctual attendance is an important responsibility of the parent and student. Absence disrupts the continuity of the education making it difficult not only for the student but for the teacher as well.
  3. Come to school on time with prepared assignments that fulfill our responsibilities. Students more than 15 minutes late to the assembly must go to the office first.
  4. Students must remain in the school building for their safety during school hours.
  5. Eating, drinking and chewing gum in classrooms is not allowed.
  6. IPhone, or non-related books are not allowed in the classrooms.
  7. Students showing disobedience, un-Islamic behavior or using obscene language will be given a verbal warning. Parents will be notified if repeated and will be required to attend a meeting with the principal and the teacher to discuss course of action.
  8. Be polite and gracious and show respect for teachers, administrators, and peers.
  9. Respect each other’s safety, taking no action that might endanger ourselves or others.
  10. Respect teachers and other people’s ideas and values by listening carefully and avoiding falsehood and insults.
  11. Respect each other’s property: return the borrowed, replace the broken, and clean the untidy.
  12. No socializing and playing in the bathroom.
  13. Students should abide by the school dress code that is outlined below.
    • All girls are strongly encouraged to wear their Hijab all the times.
    • Shorts and slippers are not allowed.