Principal Message


10645 HWY. 64 EAST, TYLER, TX 75707 – TEL. (903)565-0404 / (903)630-5676

At ETIS Sunday school it is our objective to provide healthy and rewarding learning environment for Muslims students. The school will meet once a week, nine months a year. If summed up, it amounts to about thirty-four days of classes in a year normally (This year reduced to Twenty-Seven). Within this time we are committed to do the best to provide a sound Islamic education.

Muslim children growing in the US are facing diverse challenges and conflicting pressures at schools and in friend circles. They are constantly influenced by mainstream youth culture. It is difficult to isolate them from these influences and it is painful to let them sway into the mainstream. Excessive consumerism, peer pressure, media culture, Internet, and technology confuse the youngsters’ mind about their ideal objective in life. We admit parents are the main source to instill moral and values in their children. However, parents can do only so much. We admit Islamic schools have a responsibility to instill Islamic ideologies in the youths. Again, Islamicschools can do only so much. It is tough job to help them balance their Islamic identity with their ‘American’ identity.

We do not want to stop trying. We hope ETIS Sunday school will be able to help Muslim students appreciate and understand Islam – its rich heritage, principles, values, teachings. We hope the School will be able to provide stepping stones for the youngsters so that they understand and accept Islam as the chosen ‘way’ of their lives. Our success will be measured years later if these youths grow up and say: thank you, you made a difference in my life!

We are working towards that day. This guide is designed to help parents, teachers, students what to expect from the school and what the school expects from them.

Our request to the parents – please investin your child. They are precious!

Danish Rehman

ETIS Sunday School